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Without Any Exaggeration We Can State that We Have an Established State: Foreign Minister of Artsakh (EXCLUSIVE)

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Artsakh Independence, “Armedia” IAA conducted an interview with the Foreign Minister of Artsakh Karen Mirzoyan

- During the years of independence of Artsakh, which were the main achievements?

- During the 26 years of Artsakh independence the most important achievement, of course, is that despite all difficulties and hardships, with joint efforts we were able not only to create a second Armenian Republic, but also to build and develop a statehood based on ideas of freedom, sovereignty and democracy. And today without any exaggeration we can state that we have a developed state, with all its attributes, a growing economy and a powerful and efficient army capable of protecting the cradle of Armenians living in different parts of the world.

We represent ourselves to the world as a reliable, predictable and responsible partner and an important geopolitical factor that provides stability and peace throughout the region.


- What is your personal vision of the development of Artsakh. As a developing country, according to you, what problems should it solve?

- The people and the authorities of Artsakh are determined to continue their efforts to promote democratic development and the strengthening of Artsakh's statehood, as well as to multiply our successes in the development of Artsakh.

I am sure that Artsakh has chosen the right path of development, and in that respect my vision of Artsakh's development fully coincides with the programs and goals that are aimed at ensuring the right of our people to live in security and freedom acquired with such high cost.


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