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Russians Should Be Driven out Like Dogs, Armenians Must Be Massacred: Azerbaijani "Scientist''

The Azerbaijani "scientist" Vagif Allahverdi, who lives in California, called on to "clean" Azerbaijan from Russians, Armenians, Talysh and Lezgins, as well as "from the power of Aliyev-Pashayevs", ArmRusInfo reports.

''All Russians and Armenians should be expelled from Azerbaijan. 259 thousand Russians should be driven out like dogs, and the remaining 30 thousand Armenians must be massacred. No one should be remained, both in Armenia and in Karabakh'', the Azerbaijani "scientist'' said.

Vagif Allahverdi also noted in his speech that the present leaders of Azerbaijan are enemies of their people and they should be "overthrown, arrested and quartered".

After that, the "scientist" is sure that the national-military government will come to power, which will launch an unavoidable deadly war with Armenians. 

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