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Supreme Religious Council Issues Statement on External, Domestic Challenges

The Supreme Religious Council, chaired by Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, referred to the external and domestic challenges, geopolitical and regional developments facing Armenia and Artsakh following the 44-day catastrophic war.

  • The Azerbaijani authorities continue their condemnable hostile attitude towards Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian people. After the signing of the trilateral statement, Azerbaijan regularly makes provocations on the borders of Armenia, Artsakh, targets also the civilian population, continues to hold prisoners of war, destroys and appropriates the Armenian religious and cultural heritage in the territories that have passed under its control.
  • In the light of geopolitical developments, the Armenian authorities and national structures need to be vigilant so that the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination does not become a bargaining chip.
  • Peace cannot be established at the expense of the humiliation of national dignity, in the conditions of incessant encroachments on the territorial integrity of the Motherland, the presence of prisoners of war, the constant threats of Azerbaijan and the propaganda of anti-Armenianism. Peace should be based on the principles of justice, dignity and respect for rights.
  • Regardless of the existing pressures, external threats, especially in the conditions of internal social polarization, the authorities of Armenia and Artsakh should not take steps endangering the independent statehood of Armenia, the future of Artsakh, there should be no compromise in the commitment to the fundamental rights of the nation, the pursuit of historical justice.

The Supreme Religious Council, deeply concerned with the complicated situation created, with the domestic political developments in the homeland, relying on the mercy of the Supreme Lord, the wisdom of our people, urges:

  • To Give priority to national-state interests, act responsibly and conscientiously, seek decent solutions to problems exclusively within our common will and consensus,
  • To make every effort in the Homeland and in the Diaspora to strengthen our national unity by eliminating divisive fragmentation, set to strengthening the homeland; protection of national-religious values,
  • To show tolerance, law abidance, respect for each other's rights, excluding any kind of violence, disproportionate use of force, provocation or violation of the law in domestic political processes, peaceful assemblies, regardless of political views or official functions. Hate speech, insult, incitement of enmity can never be good.


The Supreme Religious Council calls on our faithful people all over the world to continue to support our sisters and brothers in Artsakh, to contribute to the strengthening of the Artsakh Republic, to its peaceful and secure life.

"We pray for the peace and progress of our country, we ask for the blessing and support of the Heavenly Father to our people.

Let the prayer for the homeland be constantly on the lips of our nation," the statement reads.

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