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About us

To follow the events in "hot" tracks, to follow the yellow press and the inter-political disputes are not in the priority list of "Armedia" IAA. Our mission is to show the reader the world and Armenia in a broader – in geopolitical and geostrategic perceptions.

Maybe Armenia does not occupy a large place on the world map, but it is obvious that all the processes of the world are interlinked. Therefore, "Armedia" aspires to introduce its reader the mutual influences of the current events, their possible reference to Armenia and to the developments of its foreign policy.

Foreign policy and regional developments, political comments and analysis, "Armenian insight" into the world news and the world problems in the Armenian perspective: here is how the materials of our Agency have differed and will differ from other media materials.

Since 2006 we have tried to have our say in the Armenian information platform paying particular attention to integration processes, European Union enlargement (particularly to the eastern direction), the interests of the West in our region and the Eurasian concept in the post-Soviet territory. Of course, in our materials special attention is given to the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement.  The problems connected with the Armenian Diaspora and the settlement of Turkish-Armenian relations is also in the center of our attention.

This website is not the only platform of activity for "Armedia" IAA. Throughout the history of our operation we have also published "Armedia printed" newspaper. In addition we had our own TV programs, such as "Realpolitik" and "View at the World" authorized programs.  Our activities also include publishing books as a source using the materials of the "Armeida" IAA. And, of course, we have many plans to expand the scope of our activities and to go deeper into its separate components. Therefore, choose us; learn about the world and Armenia’s role in that world through "Armedia" IAA.



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