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Dutch MPs Voice About Latest Azerbaijani Aggression on Armenia During Debate in Parliament

 Armenians held a Silent Protest in front of the Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer), preceding a debate of Dutch Parliament with Prime Minister Rutte, Federation of Armenian Organizations in the Netherlands (FAON) reports.

On the agenda were two coming up EU meetings in Prague, namely the European Political Community meeting on 6 October and the Informal European Council on 7 October. 

During the debate, for most part on Ukraine war, MPs Piri, Sjoerdsma, Amhaouch and Omtzigt put forward questions about the invitation of both Armenia and Azerbaijan to the European Political Community meeting. According to Mr. Sjoerdsma - mentioning the attacks by Azerbaijan and war crimes - these subjects can't remain undiscussed at this new European Forum in order to prevent it from being a podium where hypocrisy will get too much room. 

MP Amhaouch referring to what happened recently in Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has to be condemned, asked the PM to reflect on that.

MP Omtzigt stated that Azerbaijan for the last days and weeks has been attacking Armenia, with hundreds of lost lives as a result while at the same time, the EU is in the process of the gas deal with Azerbaijan. How do these two matters connect with each other, he wondered. Mr. Omtzigt also wishes to learn whether the attacks have been condemned.

Answering the questions, Prime Minister Rutte called the violence between Azerbaijan and Armenia extremely worrying, and referred to the role of the EU to prevent further escalation and restart negotiations. Alleged violations of human rights and war crimes need to be investigated. The Netherlands supports an independent, neutral and impartial investigation. This and the importance of an independent investigation was also  discussed today in a conversation with the ambassador of Azerbaijan to the Netherlands.

PM Rutte also recalled the condemnation, done by EU High Commissioner Borell. Sanctions are not considered now, including import of gas, according to PM Rutte, before the independent, neutral and impartial investigation has taken place.

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