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Lifting Sanctions on Iran Will Give an Opportunity to Develop the North-South Axis of the Region

-       What influence can the recent progress on the Iranian nuclear talks have on the geopolitics of the region?

-       The agreement reached between Iran and the six world powers is quite promising, but I would like to mention that it is still an agreement, not a signed document. To speak about the possibility of the final accord, it should be taken into consideration that several regional countries like Israel, the Gulf countries, Turkey and even Azerbaijan conditioned by different objective and subjective reasons, are dissatisfied from the process.  

As for the region, the gradual release of sanction, imposed on Iran for 9 years, will become a great impetus for the development of the country, as well as for restoring its somehow distorted position in the region. Of course, it will also be demonstrated in the context of the historic competition of Turkey-Iran and in parallel with the development of Iran, we will witness toughening stance towards Turkey by allies. Besides, the strengthening of Iran’s positions will also bring new developments in the Syrian conflict in favor of President Assad, the rebels fighting against whom are being supported and trained by Turkey.

For Turkey’s "little brother" Azerbaijan, the settlement of the problem on Iranian nuclear program is also not that much wanted. Using the international sanctions imposed on the sale of oil and gas resources of Iran, Azerbaijan has very actively worked during the recent years to become an alternative for energy sources. TANAP, an important project, is already under way of implementation. Surely, the Azerbaijani authorities today have serious concerns, as Iran’s becoming energetic alternative for Europe will decrease Azerbaijan’s energetic importance. This will, of course, bring to tougher reactions of the West on human rights serious violations in Azerbaijan and other questions.  

-       What opportunities will be opened for Armenia after the international sanctions are lifted from Iran? 

-       The nuclear final deal and the abolition of the sanctions on Iran are very important for Armenia. Besides the potential development of the economic cooperation, the new reality will give an opportunity to develop the North-South axis of the region, that is to say, to draft and implement more long-term infrastructure projects of regional importance. In this case I mean the construction of Armenia-Iran railway, as well as the implementation of new energy projects.

In addition, further strengthening the role of Iran in the region stems from Armenia's interests, taking into account the high level of understanding and dialogue of the two sides on various issues.

It should not be excluded that in the new reality there will be a need to bring EEU-Iran relation on new level, which will also be beneficial for Armenia creating new ways of communication with other members of the Union.

Taking into consideration the visible opportunities, the Armenian side should from now on take actions in parallel with the changing situation to take maximum advantage from the creating opportunities, to even more strengthen the Armenian-Iranian relations.




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