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How Muslims Celebrate Kurban-Bayram

Muslims from September 1 start celebrating one of their main holidays - Kurban-Bayram or Eid al-Adha (Day of Sacrifice). According to the Qur'an, the angel Jabrayil appeared to Abraham in a dream and gave him a command from Allah to sacrifice his son. In the Qur'an, the name of the son is not named, however, in the tradition, the eldest son Ismail is considered to be (in the Bible it was another son of Ibrahim). Ibrahim went to the valley of Mina, to the place where Mecca stands now, and began preparations. His son, who knew about this, did not resist, but he wept and prayed.
However, this was a test from Allah, and when the sacrifice was almost brought, Allah made it so that the knife could not cut. The victim of the son was replaced with a sheep.
In the Islamic calendar, Eid al-Adha begins on the 10th day of the Dhu al-Hijjah lunar month and lasts 2-3 days. The Feast of Sacrifice is the culmination of the Hajj to Mecca. The day before the pilgrims ascend Mount Arafat, and on the day of the Sacrifice they perform a symbolic throwing of stones and tawaf (a sevenfold roundabout around the Kaaba).
The celebration of the day of the sacrifice, even if it does not occur in Mecca, begin early in the morning. When celebrating Kurban Bayram, Muslims should have a bath and wear clean and festive clothes. They say the festive Takbir, which should be repeated during the morning walk to the mosque. In the mosque, a festive prayer is performed, after which the preaching-khutba is read. It usually begins with the glorification of Allah and Muhammad, then explains the origin of the Hajj and the meaning of the rite of sacrifice. Then the victim is brought. The victim can be a sheep, a camel or a cow. The victim must be of a certain age, it must be healthy and have no shortcomings. Usually skins of sacrificial animals are given to the mosque. Meat is boiled and eaten at a common meal, which can be attended by any Muslim.
It is advisable to use a third of meat to treat your family, give one-third to the poor from among neighbors and relatives, and give one-third to those who ask for it. In the days following the holiday, Muslims usually pay visits to relatives and close friends, as visiting on the days of the feast of sacrifice is considered blessed and desirable.

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