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The European Parliament Fixed the Importance of Artsakh's Right to Self-Determination

On November 15, the European Parliament adopted an important resolution, which defines the cooperation activities of the EaP countries ahead of the Brussels summit, as well as outlines the further development logic of the Eastern partnership. The importance of the resolution is also related to the fact that it also touches upon the Karabakh conflict. The resolution not only calls on the sides for an immediate end to military hostilities, which unnecessarily claim the lives of civilians and soldiers, but also refers to several issues important for the Armenian sides.  

First of all, the resolution refers to the right to self-determination, mentioning that the European Parliament supports the 2009 Basic Principles - territorial integrity, self-determination and the non-use of force. Moreover, it calls to implement these Principles to solve the conflict. It should be mentioned that more than once the Armenian sides have announced that Karabakh conflict should be solved based on these Principles at the same time stressing that it is the Artsakh people that should decide its fate.

Second, the European Parliament calls to commit to genuine confidence-building measures and dialogue between Armenian and Azerbaijani civil society. The fact that the creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust is very important in the conflict settlement process, has always been voiced by the Armenian sides, especially after the April war. It should be mentioned that the Vienna and St. Petersburg agreements (the expansion of the office of the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, introduction of investigation mechanisms), which the Azerbaijani side refuses to carry out, aim at contributing to the creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Third, the resolution also calls to maintain the ceasefire regime. Both for the international community and the OSCE MG Co-Chairs it has always been obvious that it was and it is Azerbaijan that violates the ceasefire regime. Nevertheless, taking into consideration certain factors (which, however, are not always perceivable for the Armenian sides), almost no addressed announcements are being made. This, of course, will have its negative influence on the created situation in general, as the silence of the international community is perceived by Azerbaijan as support.

Summarizing, it should be mentioned that though the resolution of the European Parliament is not binding, in the context of Karabakh conflict it refers to quite important issues for the Armenian sides. Such resolutions, of course, ensure positive atmosphere, which, however, is not enough to contribute to the real advance in conflict settlement process.


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