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Armenian Air Forces

Although Armenia had begun to establish an independent Armenian Armed Forces early in 1989, the creation of air forces was postponed until August 1992 due to the lack of resources, adequate personnel and useful infrastructure, and the operations began in October.

According to the Treaty of Conventional Forces in Europe, in December 1992, Armenia inherited only three existing military planes and 13 military helicopters from the former USSR, the share of the Air Defense Force. Since January 1992, the Department of Air Defense and Air Force has been formed in the newly formed Armenian Defense Ministry. In 1992, by the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, the Aviation Department was separated and became a separate structure. In the following years, along with the army forming phases, various programs for the development and improvement of the Air Force of the RA Armed Forces were implemented.

According to the annual report of the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), as of 2016, Armenian Air Force had the following armament and equipment:

Su-25 and Su-25 SNB 13 assault rifles, 2 training warplanes, 4 Aero L-39C Albatros combat airplanes, 10 educational Yak-52 airplanes, 2 military aircrafts, IL-76M aircraft, 1 administrative control, Airbus A319CJ plane, A -24P, One A-24 R 11 drone helicopter, 10 A-8 MT, 7 A-2 multipurpose helicopters, 2 A-9 Air Force Command, 5 battalions S-300, Zenith rocket complex and BCC-2.

According to foreign media reports, Armenia has two specialized airfields in Gyumri (Shirak airport) and Yerevan (Erebuni Airport).

June 26 is celebrated as the Day of Air Force in the RA Armed Forces Calendar.

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