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March 8: Another Occasion to Show Your Love and Gratitude to Your Mothers, Wives and Sisters


It seemed that the legends about the creation of the holiday of March 8 were as old as world and that everyone knew about them. But it turns out that there are still things to be discovered about this holiday...

In the USSR it was said that the tradition to celebrate March 8 was connected with the protests of ''empty pots", which was held on that very day in 1857 by the textile workers of New York. As "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes, they protested against unacceptable working conditions and low salaries. It is interesting that in the press of those times there was not a single note about such a strike. And historians found out that March 8, 1857, was actually Sunday. It is very strange to have strikes on the day off.

But there is also an opinion, perhaps the most scandalous and unpleasant one, that in 1857, in New York, not textile workers, but prostitutes made marches demanding from sailors to pay their salaries.

In 1894, on March 8, in Paris, prostitutes again held a demonstration. This time they demanded to recognize their rights on an equal basis with those who sew clothes or bake bread. This was repeated in 1895 in Chicago, and in 1896 in New York - shortly before the commemorative congress of suffragettes in 1910 decided to declare this day as an International Women Day, suggested by Zetkin.

In 1910, at a women forum in Copenhagen, the German Communist Clara Zetkin called on the world to establish an International Women's Day on March 8. She had in mind that on that day, women would organize protests, drawing public attention to their problems.

In the USSR, this holiday was brought by a friend of Zetkin, a fiery revolutionary Alexandra Kolontai. March 8 became an official holiday in the USSR in 1921. Only in the Soviet version, prostitutes were replaced with "working women."

The modern celebration of the Women's Day no longer has the purpose of affirming equality, but is considered the day of spring, feminine beauty, tenderness, spiritual wisdom and attention to any woman, regardless of her status and age.

International Women's Day is a holiday when representatives of a strong half of humanity can once again please their beloved women with gifts and care.

In some countries, namely Armenia, this day is a national holiday.

How does Armenians feel about this holiday? IAA ''Armedia'' tried to find an answer to this question among our citizens.

For example, the psychologist Anna Vardzelyan told us that "In Armenia, as in many countries of the world, an international women's day is over-celebrated''.

''I remember that after the independence of Armenia, the holiday was excluded from the calendar, and April 7, instead, was declared as motherhood and beauty day. But despite this, people, as before, celebrated March 8 as well. A few years ago, the International Women's Day was again added to the calendar of holiday dates. From March 8 to April 7, there is a "women's month" in Armenia.

On this day we have festive events: concerts, theatrical premieres. In the city there are flowers everywhere and an atmosphere of festive mood.

And I believe that this spring holiday is the best occasion for men to show and prove their loyalty, love and gratitude to their mothers, wives and sisters.

On this holiday, not a single woman should be left without attention."

Teacher Anahit Barseghyan in turn added: "It seems to me that in Armenia this day is celebrated with great pleasure and responsibility.

All women and girls are waiting for this day, with hope and belief. All are ready for the first spring holiday. Especially it is noticeable by tense and puzzled men. It's always fun to watch the strong half of mankind looking for gifts for their beautiful women.

For me, April 7 is as important as March 8, because the holiday continues for a full month ... And where else will you see the "women's month" celebration?"

"Armedia" IAA congratulates all women on this wonderful holiday, wishing happiness, lots of smiles and love!!!

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