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Narek's Healing Power Does Not Know Any Time or Space: Dr. Armen Nersisyan (EXCLUSIVE)

"Armedia" IAA talked about the role and importance of the installation of the statue of St. Gregory of Narek in Vatican with Dr. Armen Nersisyan, a physician, psychotherapist, specialist on healing with ''Narek'' .


- Mr. Nersisyan, how would you assess the importance of this event in Vatican?

- The opening of the statue of St. Gregory of Narek in Vatican, as well as granting him the title of the Doctor of the Church, of course, can be considered a great event in the sense that the issue has been made public, even international. However, it would be much more desirable and purposeful to show "Narek’’'s strength to the world. The world needs to see the mighty power of the word, because today the world is both psychologically and morally crushed, and the time and space or nationality are not an obstacle for Narek's healing power. We should not only show the world that we have Narekatsi but we must rather show who Narekatsi really is.

Recently, ''Narek'' has been often spoken about, and it is definitely a great happiness to admit St. Gregory of Narek and to give him an international recognition, but we have the problem of really recognizing him and accepting him.

By the way, the only documentary about ''Narek'' is the film "The Word" by Armen Ronov, where Narek is presented with his lively word addressed to all the peoples at all the times, and his word is directed to the human being in general.


In your opinion, what is St. Gregory of Narek's main phenomenon?

- Narek is a very quick and effective treatment of human soul and body, and this is perhaps his main phenomenon. And since the world perceives St. Gregory of Narek through Narek, I cannot talk about any of them separately.

Narek is able to convey the truth to any human, regardless of education and nationality, as it is directed to the soul and the soul actually does not have nationality. It is no coincidence that the well-known linguist, philologist Manuk Abeghyan stated, "St. Gregory of Narek is the oldest psychiatrist in the world, and Narek, the oldest psychiatry book." And let's not forget that Narek is our second Bible, and it is able to direct the word of God quickly and purposefully to the soul, open the eyes of the soul, for it is possible to cure the soul as well as the body if you only believe in it. A man should believe in the strength of words.


- Healing with ''Narek'' has been widespread among our people for centuries. How is it perceived today? How big is the number of people who accept the healing power of "Narek"?

- First of all, I must say that in the past, the term healing with ''Narek'' did not existed and it was applied and circulated by me. And if we talk about numbers or percentages, the number of such patients is small, and the reason is that few people believe in it. And Narek shows human’s belief in the word.

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