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The Manipulation of the Issue of Armenian Genocide Recognition Is Not Acceptable

During the recent times the discussions on Armenian Genocide have activated at different levels in Israel. Days before the Education Minister of Israel called to recognize the Genocide, Israeli Prime Minister’s son wrote on his Facebook page: “Turkey, you are responsible for incredible atrocities and sufferings in Cyprus, actions against Greeks and Kurds, as well as the Armenian Genocide.” Moreover, the issue of adopting a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide has appeared on the Knesset agenda.

Naturally, any step done towards the recognition of the Genocide is more than welcome, but it is not acceptable that such steps are being taken only to send a message to a third party. In other words, the manipulation with the issue of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide cannot be justified and acceptable for Armenia and the whole Armenians.

It should be mentioned that such manipulations are not the first ones done by Israel. In those days Turkish-Israeli relations are again very strained. On May 14 near Gaza clashes took place between the Israeli army and Palestinians, as a result of which people were killed. Turkey sent back the Ambassador and the Council of Israel in Ankara, and Israel in its turn- the Ambassador of Turkey. On the background of such developments, to make Turkey nervous and in a certain way to “threaten” it, Israel again used its old tool against Ankara – the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The recognition and the condemnation of the Armenian Genocide was and remains one of the prior issues of the Republic of Armenia and the whole Armenians. Thus their manipulation causes real concerns and it has become more than urgent to take steps in this direction. In this regard it is important that the RA authorities also with closed channels carried out corresponding work with Israel.

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