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US Ambassador about Recent Arrests: Armenian Government has to Ensure Equal Application of Rule of Law

It is crucial for the Armenian government to ensure equal and independent application of the rule of law, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills said in response to the Armenian’s request to comment on the recent arrests of former officials in Armenia.

“As the current government moves forward with cases against former officials, it is crucial that the government ensures equal and independent application of the rule of law and due process,” he said in an e-mailed response to an inquiry.

The U.S. embassy is encouraged by the new government’s efforts to root out corruption and promote transparency, the Ambassador said in response to a question on the most effective way to fight corruption in judiciary.

“We have long supported judicial reforms aimed at the independence of the judiciary in order to strengthen the rule of law and ensure a level playing field for all.  U.S. investors are closely following how the Armenian government is treating foreign firms, including Lydian, as they assess Armenia’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign investment.  We trust the government will remain committed to fair competition,” he said.

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