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Armenian Civilian Wounded as Azerbaijani Military Opens Heavy Cross-Border Gunfire at Border 5own and 3rd Army Corps

A civilian has suffered minor wounds as Azerbaijan kept an Armenian town under heavy cross-border gunfire for 40 minutes last night.

The victim, a 61 year old local of the town of Koti in Armenia’s Tavush province, was wounded in the lower limb.

Armenian defense ministry spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan (pictured above) told ARMENPRESS that the Azerbaijani shooting overall targeted not the village itself, but the 3rd Army Corps of the Armenian Armed Forces.

He said that the Azerbaijani military used various firearms in the shooting: up to 12,7mm caliber machine guns.

The Armenian forces suppressed the gunfire attack, according to Hovhannisyan.

Two days ago the Azerbaijani military had again opened cross-border gunfire at Armenian civilian settlements. The September 14 shooting targeted the Chinari village in Tavush province.

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