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Levon Aronian's Wife to Solo Cycle through Turkey and Iran to Armenia

@Arianne Caoili

Armenian chess Grandmaster Levon Aronian’s wife Arianne Caoili will solo cycle through Turkey and Iran to Armenia.

''Excited to announce a huge challenge I am starting this Friday - Armenian Independence Day!- to solo cycle about 1800kms right through Turkey and Iran to Armenia, to raise funds for the Children of Armenia Fund to give Armenian kids in rural communities access to quality health and physical education!

I start in Ayas, where Marco Polo started his expedition Eastward! I will be stopping in historically and archeologically significant places throughout, and a car will be following me for photo and video footage, and to give a layer of security in some of the more dangerous territories.

Please follow me, the gofundme page, and COAF for daily video and photo updates, and please SHARE this and DONATE whatever you can...

For the Armenian audience: I’ll be on H1 TV tomorrow to introduce the trip, and they will be filming something very special about the whole trip'', Arianne wrote on her Facebook.


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