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Armenia in 2019: War Isn't a Solution, Business Is the Solution- Indian Astrologer (EXCLUSIVE)

Pradeep Sharma, Jyotish astrologer with 22-year experience (India)

- Mr. Sharma, please, tell us what is Jyotish astrology?

- Jyotish is the eye of the Vedic philosophy, the way of interpreting the ancient knowledge. It is based on the movement of planets - Sun and Moon. Jyotish is anything which is happening in front of your eyes.

Why should we trust Jyotish? Because here we can see what is happening in the world.

Vedic philosophy teaches you to be one with yourself. The nearer you are to yourself, more realized person you are. Away we go from ourselves, more impatient we become. When we look at the world, we look outside, we want to be like other people, other countries, but then we lose our identity. If you realize yourself, then you can see the whole world - see that it is the manifestation of the same energy. We have an ancient saying: “the whole world is one family”, because on the core level we are all connected. The energy which is flowing in all of us and the soul element is the same. So you have to realize that soul element. If you do that, then you’ll understand that nobody is different; no enmity, no border dispute exists. Disputes appear only in case when we have different identities. So the advise of Indian Vedic philosophy – Darshan is: Atma is part of Paramatma – the soul is part of Supersoul, and the soul has to merge in Supersoul and become part of the whole.

- Some people say: why should I consult an astrologer? I don’t want to know anything about my future, I don’t want to hear something bad. Let it be what will be. How you will comment on this?

- Jyotish provides you hope, you shouldn't fell in despair if there is some negativity in your horoscope. In astrology we don’t fear of any planet. There are certain rituals that can improve the impact of bad planets.

First, which planet is bad in your horoscope, you should fast on that planet's day. E.g. in your horoscope Moon's placement is not favourable. So, to improve its impact, you have to fast on Moon's day, i.e. on Monday.

Second, early in the morning you have to chant special mantras of that planet.

Third, you must wear a special ring with that planet's stone. We took the Moon as an example. Moon's stone is pearl, metal – silver, its finger – small finger. You should start wearing this silver ring on the day of the Moon. Very important – note the ring should be made in such way that the stone must touch your finger.

But all these will not work, if you don't change yourself. Doing good deeds, thinking good will neutralize your negative karma. Don't sit back and say – not possible to change anything. We must try. Life has given us time which has to be utilized. Whatever abilities we have, they must be used.

- As we promised to our readers last time, the second part of our interview will be about Armenia in 2019.

- Yes. Now all the astrologers are busy with doing predictions for the next year for people, companies, countries, etc.

For the next year's prediction for Armenia we have to prepare its Varsh Kundali – annual chart. The date we take January 1, 2019 and the time of the sunrise – 8:24am. The placement of all the planets in the chart we see in respect to Moon. Venus – the planet of luxury, is in its own sign of Libra with Moon – so this year people can definitely look forward to better life, they’ll see that something good is going to happen, an improvement in their life might be this year.

Jupiter is in the 2nd house. This planet is good for the country’s banking system. So if they undertake any reforms with respect to the economic conditions, economic policy of the country, then that should also give good results.

Sun and Saturn are in the 3rd house – house of initiatives, undertakings, adventures, what the country will do in 2019. This placement shows some conflicts because these two planets don’t go along well.

4th house is the house of internal politics of the country – here is Ketu (Southern Lunar Node) in the sign of Capricorn. This placement indicates instable state of mind. People might feel unsettled.

Mars, the planet of aggression, warrior-planet is in the 5th house – house of enemy. This is an indication that there might be some conflict. Mars can control things because it is an aggressive planet. Such a planet in a war zone can be a deterrent. Mars might aggravate the things but still things will remain in control. Aggression can be controlled by aggression. The things wouldn’t escalate. War is not a solution, business is the solution.

10th house, the house of country’s political and economic strategies, shows understanding with the neighbours, other partners. Here the placement of Rahu (Northern Lunar Node) shows that there will be a lot of discussions, initiatives from the government, they’ll try to force alliances on the economic front, maybe some bilateral treaties, economic understandings will take place. However, the overall benefits for the country from that might not be so good. A lot of effort will be conducted but the outcome might not be very positive. There might be a lot of expectations but first of all you have to get prepared for that. So maybe that jumping into certain things ultimately will not give them the kind of success that they are looking for.

Things will not be as good as we want them to be, whatever is in hand, we are not focusing on that, but we are focusing on what we are not having.

In the financial front there will be a lot of desires, country will be looking forward to new perspectives, however this might not give the result they are expecting.

As for partnership, whenever the country is thinking of forging a new partnership with other countries those benefits that are being expecting, will not be gained, despite the fact that the initiatives are good.

The best part here is the placement of Venus and Moon. Together they are creative, softer and beautiful planets. That positive energy will flow throughout the year towards Armenians.

-   Now please make calculations according to Kurma chart - tortoise.

-   To do prediction by Kurma chart we need Armenia’s chart and the shape of tortoise on the map of Armenia. Tortoise’s face must be towards the east of the map of Armenia. Kurma chart is divided into 9 parts, and in each part 3 constellations are placed, in total - 27.

In the east of the country we have Saturn and Sun, which is not a very pleasant position, that’s why here we see tension. In general there might be dissatisfaction among the masses.

Rahu has gone to south-west. Rahu is representing technology, development. Here unexpected not pleasant developments might happen. Focus of the government, administration might be lost.

South of Armenia is OK. This area is good, it is the area of business, creativity, luxury. So in this area there will be friendly relations.

There will be no harm from the north. 

The focus of 2019 will be on working out some new formulas, new alliances. The person, who is running the country, is looking outside, to the east of Armenia, to other countries for help or bilateral treaties.

What's Your New Year message to the Armenians?

-  Have good thoughts. Your identity should be explored, realized. If you work on these thoughts, then Jyotish will become a supportive knowledge. From this moment, from today think about your karma, your deeds, since they have their influence on your children, on your country. Try to be as much near to yourself, as possible. If you are available to the world, then the world is available to you, and becomes an eternal bliss. Think of it!

Interview is conducted by Naira S. Mkrtchyan

New Delhi


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