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'For the Sake of Armenia': Saghatelyan, Bekaryan, Hakobyan and Farmanyan Have Established a Media Company

Arman Saghatelyan, Karen Bekaryan, Mihran Hakobyan and Samvel Farmanyan have established a media company called Quartet Media.

As reports, the company has acquired the, an online news outlet, ArmNews CJSC and Radio 107 FM LLC.

The abovementioned people issued a statement on this occasion: "Several months ago, we decided to refuse to be part of a primitive show, which was concealed under the name of the so-called "political processes".

We were worried about the future of the country yesterday, we are worried today, but we also hope to get involved in creating a more secure and predictable future. At this stage, which is full of difficulties and uncertainty, when the fate of the people is at stake, we cannot stand aside.

We see potential threats and are ready to do everything possible for the sake of New Armenia and offer ways to keep our Motherland from foreseeable challenges.

By attaching importance to the key role of mass media in the development of our public-political life and public agenda, as well as considering media to be an inseparable part of our chosen path, we decided to establish the "Quartet Media" company’’.


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