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Welcoming Remarks by RA NA Ararat Mirzoyan in Berlin Parliament

On March 18, the RA NA President being in the Federal Republic of Germany on an official visit made welcoming remarks in Berlin Parliament.

“Distinguished Ms Vice President, Dear colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us thank you for this opportunity of meeting with you and welcoming you in Berlin Parliament.

In the people’s memories the Berlin Wall dividing the people, the country and your beloved city from each other is still fresh. On 9 November 1989 the people of Germany united on the unity idea in the Eastern Germany succeeded to collapse it, what resulted in the re-unification of Germany on 3 October 1990 and opened a new page in the world history. The world is glad to see again a united and dynamic Germany.

In one picture of the ‘Berlin Wall’ Museum is a woman leaned on a wall and her words are noted: “The pressure that in 1987 I made with the palm of my hand gave its result after two years.”

The struggle of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia through many years for democracy in our country, protection of human rights and the rule of law resulted in the Velvet, non-violent Revolution in April-May, 2018, which went on completely by Constitution.

Now, we should strengthen the democratic model of development and develop its efficiency. In this aspect we consider important the deepening of our relations with the EU.

We are resolute to expand and deepen the process of the institutional reforms together with our European colleagues.

We also highly evaluate the balanced policy being pursued by Germany in the South Caucasus and the support to Armenia in different spheres.

The political dialogue of high level established between our two countries, the inter-parliamentary cooperation, the expanding cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats, and the activation of economic and cultural ties serve as evidence of further deepening of cooperation.

In the context of deepening of Armenian-German relations the two countries' capitals can play special role.

I hope that Berlin and our 2800-year old capital Yerevan will be able to carry out joint cooperation programmes for learning from each other and exchange of experience. The experience of Berlin will be, certainly, useful for the newly elected authorities of Yerevan in the context of the urban management and sustainable development of the city economy.

Distinguished Ms Schmidt, Dear colleagues, once again I express my gratitude, and wish you new successes in your hard and responsible activities for the benefit of Berlin citizens.”

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