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Measures Should Be Taken to Foster Armenia’s Ties With Venezuelan Armenian Community

The political unrest in Venezuela has brought about severe humanitarian crisis. Food and medication shortage come to deteriorate that of power, water and gas. Children have to miss school because of public transportation collapse. Hospitals face a deadlock due to increasing mortality.

Millions of civilians leave the country, however due to transport collapse they have to reach their destination through domestic and border related obstacles.

The crisis did not bypass our compatriots in Venezuela. According to reports from Venezuela the community center is currently abandoned. Many of the community members desire to receive Armenian citizenship, however there is not diplomatic representation office in Caracas, neither can they travel to Argentina or Brazil. Currently even extending the validity of Venezuelan passports is a problem.  

The situation might aggravate due to recent US sanctions against Venezuela.   

Under such circumstances the priority of the Armenian authorities should be to support the Venezuelan Armenian community by all means. The RA should be more consistent to foster ties with our compatriots for their security and to possibly aid them.


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