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Either President of Constitutional Court Must Step Down or Constitutional Reforms Possible: Lena Nazaryan

Ազատություն ռադիոկայան

Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Lena Nazaryan commented upon the judiciary reforms announced by the prime minister earlier this year. She has voiced her view on these reforms  in her recent interview with  

Lena Nazaryan proposed two possible options towards resolving the existing challenges, calling for either the resignation of Hrayr Tovmasyan, the president of the Constitutional Court, or reforms to the country's Constitution. 

“I see two possible ways towards resolving the crisis at the Constitutional Court. Either Hrayr Tovmasyan should hand in a resignation - after intentionally using the transitional regulations to serve party and personal interests and restricting, by virtue, the Constitutional Court’s factual compliance with the text of the Constitution to his own life period - or we ourselves should head towards constitutional reforms. The Court should rid itself of the public perceptions linked to the decisions and expediency of a single party. I would like to state at once that any ruling by the Constitutional Court will – regardless of its content [or] our agreement or disagreement, its favorability for us or political expediency – be devoid of any legitimacy,” she  has mentioned. 

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