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Pompeo: Different Countries to Participate in Patrolling Strait of Hormuz

Tasnim News Agency / AP

Countries from around the world will participate in a coalition that will patrol the Strait of Hormuz to ensure freedom of navigation in the region, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told WFTV-9 on Monday, TASS reports.

"We are working to change the behavior of the leadership of the Islamic Republics of Iran. And we are building out a coalition that will patrol the Strait of Hormuz to keep those shipping lanes, those sea lanes open," Pompeo said. "There'll be nations from all around the world that participate in that. These are the deterrent activities," he added.

He noted that the United States does not want war with Iran. "We simply want them to stop engaging in terror activities around the world. They can't continue to build out their nuclear weapons program," he stressed.

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