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Diaspora-Armenian Specialists Can Participate in Armenia’s Governance: New Project Coming Soon

The Office of High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of Armenia is planning to implement a pilot project in 2020 aimed at engaging skilled Diaspora-Armenian specialists to the improvement process of Armenia’s various areas.

Karen Avanesyan, head of the Department of Armenian communities of Europe at the High Commissioner’s Office, told Armenpress that the program aims at investing the experience and knowledge of Diaspora’s competitive specialists for Armenia’s development process, promoting Armenia-Diaspora partnership and contributing to "reverse brain drain".

"We have applied to state bodies in advance. They all have a need of various specialists, such as economist, lawyer, IT specialist, sociologist, etc. When we announce the launch of the program, there will be an online registration form where applicants will select the workplace they wish", he said.

Within the framework of the program mainly Diaspora-Armenian specialists will be invited to work at Armenia’s state structures to conduct research, implement respective priority programs, develop strategies, etc. Diaspora-Armenian specialists who hold Master’s or higher degree can apply, Armenpress reports.

The project will launch on July 1, 2020 and will last 12 months. The expenditures for the implementation of the program will be covered by the Office of High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, such as tickets, accommodation.

"These specialists will be paid, but this will not be a salary, but for their daily expenditures. Those who want to bring their professional contribution to Armenia’s development, this is a good opportunity for them", Karen Avanesyan said, adding that this is a pilot project and is envisaged for a maximum of 20 people.

The selection process of specialists will be carried out at two stages. At the first stage all applications will be summed up and only those applications which meet the program requirements will pass to the second stage. At the second stage the specialists will be selected, but their final selection will be carried out via an interview.

"After that those state structures who presented their vacant positions will select from these specialists as their employee. This part is mostly left on that particular state structure. I think this is a good opportunity not only to have a professional investment in the homeland, but also to live here a year, get acquainted with the conditions and understand whether they would like to continue their work in Armenia or not", Karen Avanesyan said.

The Office of High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs will soon make an announcement about the project.


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