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Campaigning Ahead of Constitutional Referendum Begins

The campaigning in the scheduled constitutional referendum has officially kicked off in ArmeniaArmenpress reports.  

The ruling Civil Contract party, who initiated the referendum, has already formed the YES campaigning group which is led by Suren Papikyan, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.

February 17 is also the last day for registering campaigning groups, and as of this moment a NO campaigning group hasn’t been formed.

The opposition Prosperous Armenia (BHK) party of parliament announced earlier it is opting out from the referendum process.

The other parliamentary opposition, Bright Armenia (LHK), announced it won’t be engaged in a NO campaigning despite having voted down the decision in parliament.

Parties not having representation in parliament, the former ruling Republican party and the ARF, have both announced they won’t participate in the process, with the ARF calling on voters to ignore the referendum.

Voters are expected to decide in the April 5 referendum whether or not the incumbent Chairman of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan, as well as most other justices appointed under the previous constitution, should remain in office.

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