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Two More Citizens Test Positive for COVID-19 in Artsakh

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) reports that two of the people tested for coronavirus today have tested positive for COVID-19, reports. 

The first bearer of the virus is a family member of the resident who was infected with COVID-19 in the Mirik village (health condition is satisfactory), the second is a resident of Karvachar city of Shahumyan region (born in 1951) who was taken to the Republican Medcal Center with two-sided pneumonia and epidemiological anamnesis, and his health condition is currently medium gravity. The family members of the latter have been self-isolated for the past three days and are under strict supervision of doctors, and the people who had close contacts with the citizen and the potential contacts are being specified. The Ministry of Health will provide further details later.

The results of the tests of other citizens tested for COVID-19 throughout the day, including those of the two police officers are negative, meaning COVID-19 wasn’t confirmed after examination.

Overall, Artsakh has reported 5 cases of coronavirus.

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