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Turkey Wants to Restore the Historical Ani Bridge on the Armenian-Turkish Border

Turkey is going to restore the historical Ani Bridge (Silk Road Bridge) on the Armenian-Turkish border on the Akhuryan River, Ahmet Arslan, the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication of Turkey, and now a member of Parliament for the electoral district of Kars said.

According to Ermenihaber, in an interview with Turkish media, Arslan said that the 18th department of Kars will organize a tender, and construction of the bridge will begin soon.

''One of the important features of Ani is that it is situated on the Silk Road. If God wills it, the General Directorate of Turkish Highways will restore this historic bridge over Akhuryan, which closes the Silk Road and crosses the Armenian-Turkish border, just as it restores other historical bridges. Work will begin in the near future, '' said the Turkish MP.

However, the deputy did not provide any other details on the restoration of the bridge, especially in terms of whether an agreement was reached with Armenia on this issue, since one of the two pillars of the bridge is located on the Armenian coast of Akhuryan.

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