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Armenia’s President Doesn't Sign PM’s Draft Decree to Release Chief of Armenian Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan, Returns With Objections

On February 25 Armenia's president Armen Sarkissian received draft decree on releasing the Chief of General Staff of Armenian Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan. 

The president’s press service reports that President Sarkissian conducted consultations and meetings with the representatives of authorities, parliamentary and non-parliamentary forces, highest commander staff of the armed forces over the matter, Aysor reports.

The draft decree has been examined in the president’s administration, discussed thoroughly with the leading lawyers and independent experts.
Summing up the viewpoints of the lawyers and experts, it has been concluded that the draft decree contradicts the Constitution.

"Once again we emphasize that the President of the Republic is not defending any political force and makes decisions being guided exclusively with state and national interests," the statement of the president’s office reads, stressing that indisputably the armed forces must demonstrate neutrality in political affairs.

"It is also obvious that agreed with the war the staff of the armed forces today more than ever needs our support and attention. The solution of the issues of the army and staff is the priority and cannot be ignored in any case. The created situation is unprecedented and demands systematic and complex solutions and cannot be settled with frequent staff changes without taking into consideration the situation existing in the country," the statement said, adding that the president received the draft decree after the statement of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and over forty top military officials, in conditions of martial law, existence of political crisis and serious security challenges.

"In the sidelines of his constitutional authorities, the president of the country returned the draft decree with objections. The President of the republic pursues only one goal – keep the country away from dangers threatening the constitutional order and security, ensure the country’s stability and normal activity of the armed forces," the statement said.

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