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Changes in Armenian-Russian Relations and Their Reasons

On April 14, during his speech and question and answer session in the National Assembly, Armenia’s PM Nikol Pashinyan quite extensively touched upon the Armenian-Russian relations. Pashinyan repeatedly stressed Russia's role and importance in ensuring our security, also drew attention to the issues of Russia's position during the war, as if trying to justify it, answering the question - why Moscow did not provide direct participation and assistance to Yerevan. With these statements he once again proved that he has absolutely no idea about Armenia's security system and the nature and scope of relations with a strategic ally.

But in general, the purpose of this extensive reference to Russia was, in fact, to show Moscow that he (Pashinyan) values these relations and is ready to continue doing everything possible to develop them. And the desire to show its loyalty to Moscow reached the point where Pashinyan even tried to "justify" Russia's position on Azerbaijan.

At first glance, such an approach of the current Armenian authorities raises many questions, especially if we take into account what Pashinyan and his teammates have been doing for the last 2.5 years, what steps they have taken to damage the same Armenian-Russian relations. We may remember Pashinyan’s attitude towards our membership in the EEU, the CSTO, Pashinyan's statements and direct accusations against Moscow in connection with the April War even before coming to power, and the problems of a ceremonial nature when he was already the Prime Minister of Armenia: these examples are numerous.

Maybe the 44-day war and its aftermath changed the attitude of the Armenian authorities towards Russia? This approach could have been right if we had not the recent developments and the ongoing blows to the Armenian-Russian relations by these authorities already after the war. It is even enough to remember the incident connected with “Iskander”, which Baku skillfully uses today within its own agenda with Russia.

So what is the reason and the purpose of such an attitude towards Russia, such a show of loyalty? In my opinion the answer is very clear - the upcoming elections in Armenia. The changes that are taking place in Pashinyan's approach towards Moscow today should be understood exclusively in the context of domestic political developments. And we will continue to witness such performances of love and loyalty, which are not aimed at the interests of Armenia and Artsakh at all.  They are only aimed at strengthening Pashinyan's position, and to get Moscow's support in the run-up to the elections.


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