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US-Russia Sanction War: Reasons and Goals

In recent days, we are witnessing US President Joe Biden’s policy of double standards towards Russia, which leads to even greater tension in relations between the two countries.

It is interesting to note that Joe Biden, on the one hand, talks on the phone with Vladimir Putin, offers him a face-to-face meeting in a third country in the coming months and on the other hand imposes sanctions against Russia over alleged 2020 election interference and cyberattacks, as well as on the “fact” that Russia encouraged Taliban attacks against U.S. and coalition personnel in Afghanistan, then declares a national emergency situation for dealing with threats coming from Russia, then expels Russian diplomats, after which announces that now is the time to de-escalate tensions with Russia. It should be noted that Biden’s steps do not remain unanswered: Russia, in turn, announced that this wave of sanctions could not go unpunished and expelled US diplomats from the country, moreover published a statement on measures over further expansion of sanctions against the United States.  

At first glance, Biden‘s policy of double standards seems somewhat strange.But when we give an in-depth consideration it becomes clear that Biden’s statements are well-planned sequence of steps with clear objectives.  With this policy, the United States is first and foremost trying to reap dividends in order to increase its influence in the world even more.

It should be noted, that accusing Russia of election meddling is not new: the Democratic Party of the United States has been blaming the Russians for their interference in elections since 2016, when Donald Trump became the country’s President.  However, during the Trump presidency, the latter failed to make significant progress by manipulating this issue. Democrats have always accused the Republicans of being too loyal to Russia. But now when the power is in their hands, the latter are trying to use the accusation as a playing card to put new pressure on Russia.

The point is that the United States is currently pursuing a policy of restraining Russia in all possible areas where it has a conflict of interest.  By the way, Biden pursues this policy quite openly. It is necessary to pay attention to the latter's statement that “where it is in the interest of the United States to work with Russia, it should and it will, but where there is a conflict of interests, the United States will respond to Russia's actions”. In other words, the United States is trying to weaken Russia’s position and push it out of all possible spheres and international projects where it pursues its own interests. And it is in this context that the latter is constantly making decisions to impose even more extensive sanctions on Russia. Hitting Russia's economic sphere, Biden is trying to speake to Russia from a position of strength and force Putin to make some concessions.

Russia, in turn, gives retaliatory response to the US sanctions and on the other hand  tries to send a message to the world that such steps will not lead to any change in its policy.

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