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What Other Territories Is Pashinyan Going to Hand Over?

For more than six months the citizens of the two Armenian states are under constant stress. More than six months the government of Armenia, headed by Nikol Pashinyan, periodically confronts us with yet another fatal and painful fact. Probably, Nikol Pashinyan is the one and only leader in the world who led the country to defeat, signed a capitulation document and after all not only remained in power, but also is going to sign the second incomprehensible document.

We have not yet fully realized what happened to us, what we have lost after the trilateral statement of November 10 was signed, when we suddenly learned about the fact that Pashinyan is planning to sign the second document. Moreover, we did not learn about it from the authorities of the country; they simply had to admit this fact. And it is already clear that this document is against the interests of the Armenian people.

What to expect from this document even if the Armenian Foreign Ministry denies it? Everything is being carried out in secret and in a hurry - so that society does not have time to counter this. More than half a year has passed but the details of the trilateral statement are still being kept in secret from the Armenian society. Pashiyan himself acknowledged the existence of oral agreements between him and Aliyev. It is obvious that those very agreements led to an explosive situation in Syunik today.

An integral part of the process of implementing these very documents will become also the maps, according to which the delimitation and demarcation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border will be carried out. The fact that the maps have already been identified and the process is underway is already clear. After the illegal incursion of Azerbaijani troops into the sovereign territory of Armenia Pashinyan himself said: ''Our maps and the maps of the Russian military base unambiguously confirm our statements about the coordinates of the border''. In his turn, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is ready to support the sides by providing with cartographic materials.

So, why no one has explained to the Armenian society on what basis these maps were chosen? Moreover, the maps have never been made public. The people of Armenia have the right to know where Pashinyan and his government are leading Armenia. What can ordinary Armenian citizens living in border areas expect today?

Establishment of borders is the question of Armenia's security and sovereignty. This is the question of the existence of Armenia itself. It is a process that cannot be undertaken in haste and requires openness. And therefore logic dictates that if the method of choosing the maps or the maps themselves were in our favor then the Armenian authorities would have already presented them to the public. Today a difficult question addressed to the Armenian authorities arises - what other parts of our tormented homeland are they preparing to give up to the enemy?


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