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Corridor or Road - What Will Pass Through Syunik?

Since November 10, Azerbaijani media have been regularly publishing articles about the so-called "Zangezur Corridor". Rumors about this especially were spread after January 11 when at a trilateral Pashinyan-Putin-Aliyev meeting in Moscow an agreement was reached on the issue of unblocking communications in the region.

All along Azerbaijan insisted that the corridor issue would be solved in the near future.  Even construction has begun - including the construction of a railway and a road. At the same time, the Armenian authorities claim that no discussion is being held on the "corridor" issue.

In reality, the difference between these terms is not only a matter of taste but also a specific legal status, as well as control over the territories in question. Baku is clearly well aware of these differences and it is no coincidence that they use the term "corridor". The neighboring country is eager to get  this very corridor before the elections because they understand that after June 20 the situation may change fundamentally. To this end it is enough to follow the statements and approaches of the leaders of the main opposition forces in Armenia, especially on issues related to this corridor.

As for Pashinyan, then, apparently, today we cannot even rule out that he has already made some certain commitments in this regard but prefers to put their implementation on afterwards, so as not to make a fuss during the pre-election period.

The conclusion in this situation is the same: Pashinyan and his team think only about their own well-being, their personal guarantees and want to get reelected. For them there is no place for the interests of Armenia and the Armenian people.


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