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"Armenia" Bloc – 28,7%, Civil Contract 25,2% - Gallup Publishes Poll Results

According to the poll conducted by Gallup, 51,1% of the respondents said they will definitely go to voting on June 20.

28,7% of the respondents said they will vote for "Armenia" bloc, 25,2% said they will back Civil Contract party.

Other 10,8% said they will vote for "I Have the Honor" bloc, 5,4% said they will back Prosperous Armenia Party, 5,2% said they are for Bright Armenia, 2,8% said they will vote for Shirninyan-Babajanyan bloc of democrats, 2,6% said they will back Republic party, 1,5% said they will vote for Armenian National Congress.

According to the polls the Civil Contract party supporters are mainly in rural areas -  32,9% and the lowest number is recorded in Yerevan 16,4%.

The opposite picture is with Armenia bloc – in rural communities it has 18% supporters while in capital Yerevan it is 35%.

"I Have the Honor" bloc is mostly backed in Yerevan and less in the rural areas, while PAP is more backed by residents of communities and less in Yerevan and provincial towns.

Bright Armenia has 2% supporters in rural communities and 7,1% in Yerevan.


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