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President of Karabakh to Address the Nation at Stepanakert’s Revival Square

President of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan will address the nation today, on June 22, at the Revival Square in Stepanakert, over the issues relating to the domestic political tension in the Republic.

“I invite everyone to attend today’s rally. I will start my speech at 18:00. I am going to openly and sincerely talk about the main problems and solutions starting from the war up to the current security and socio-economic situation, from the relations with the leadership of Armenia up to the domestic political developments.

I regret that in such fluid situation, common sense leaves many, without understanding the seriousness of the situation for the future of Artsakh. Regardless of some people’s attitude towards me, I bear responsibility for all citizens of Artsakh in such difficult situation”, he said on Facebook.


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