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Zelensky's Speculations about Risk of Russia-Ukraine War Apocalyptic: Kremlin Spokesman

© Сергей Карпухин/ТАСС

Any speculations about the possibility of a Russia-Ukraine war are apocalyptic and the Kremlin would prefer not to indulge in them, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said while commenting on remarks by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, TASS reports. 

Earlier on Friday, the Ukrainian president said that in his opinion the risk of a full-scale war with Russia did exist, while he believed that such a conflict would be the "greatest mistake."

Peskov was asked if the Kremlin saw such a risk, too.

"We would not like to indulge in some apocalyptic expectations," he replied, adding that the Kremlin had reacted to such a statement by the Ukrainian leader with regret.


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