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Blogger Lapshin: ''Hold on Armenians! Azerbaijan only Wants to See You Dead'' Lapshin

"I'm ashamed to admit that before being imprisoned in Azerbaijan, I sincerely believed that the Karabakh conflict is very controversial and should be resolved taking into account respect for the national borders of Azerbaijan. What an idiot I was! " - Alexander Lapshin wrote on his Facebook page, who returned to Israel after spending seven months in an Azerbaijani prison.

''Azerbaijan started terror against Armenians in Sumgait, Baku and Karabakh in 1988 - according to the Nazi scheme "juden frei", only towards Armenians, not towards Jews.

However, 95% of the Jews of Azerbaijan fled the country during the same period, as the conflict in Karabakh broke out. Out of harm's way - after taking revenge from Armenians- they wanted to do the same with the Jews- a genetic memory'', Lapshin wrote.  

He quoted the words of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Rustam Usubov that Lapshin used the word "Artsakh" instead of "occupied Karabakh region."

''This shows that Azerbaijan which is constantly asserting about tolerance, considers the Armenian name of Karabakh - Artsakh - illegal. Thus, the Armenian language is outlawed, Armenians are not supposed to speak their native language, they cannot have their own religion," he added.

Lapshin encourages Armenians, noting that Azerbaijan only wants to see them dead.

''And if you lose Karabakh in the result of negotiations , they will come to massacre you. Like the Turks 100 years ago. Brutality has already surpassed all permissible limits, "- noted the blogger.

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