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People of Artsakh stand before the problem of realizing the right to life: Artsakh National Assembly President

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Artsakh National Assembly President, Artur Tovmasyan, Sent a Congratulatory Message on the Occasion of the New Year and Christmas:
Dear compatriots,
On the eve of the new year, each of us summarizes the past year, reevaluates what we have and outlines what needs to be done.
The past year was difficult and full of trials not only for Artsakh, but also for the whole Armenian nation. In 2022, visible and tangible work has been done to somehow alleviate the burden of our compatriots, who shouldered the burden of the bloody war in the fall of 2020.
In the past year, the Artsakh Parliament also remained faithful to the mission entrusted to it. All legislative initiatives, statements and activities of the factions of the National Assembly were aimed only at the interests of the Republic of Artsakh and the people.
We have fought and survived many trials in our native land, destined for us by fate. Today we continue to face the most serious geopolitical challenges. The people of Artsakh stand before the problem of realizing the right to life. As a result of the blockade of Artsakh, our people found themselves on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.
Dear compatriots
I very much hope that with God's blessing and full faith we will overcome this crisis as well.
I do emphasize the need to unite the efforts of our compatriots to overcome the new situation and existing challenges, to direct the abilities of all Armenians to national state interests.
The 2023 expectations are more. Many problems are waiting for us, for the solution of which we need to join forces for the sake and benefit of all of us.
May the lessons learned from the year of 2022, which has passed with difficulties and trials, and the recorded small achievements, provide an opportunity to start the coming year with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.
I wish prosperity, wellbeing, undisturbed peace and an unbreakable spirit to all of us.

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