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The confidence that together we can achieve a lot is getting stronger: Ruben Vardanyan had meetings in Martakert communities

Ruben Vardanyan, State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, Head of the Operational Headquarters, visited the Haterk, Drmbon, Vank communities of the Martakert region, had working meetings with the heads of the communities and the population of the mentioned and adjacent villages.

Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Suren Galstyan, head of the "Democratic Party of Artsakh" faction of the National Assembly David Melkumyan, head of the administration of Martakert region Arsen Avanesyan, member of the operational staff, the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Karen Avetisyan accompanied the State Minister.

The State Minister noted that the purpose of the visit to the regions and direct contacts with the population is to inform them about the situation, the work being carried out by the Operational Headquarters to overcome it, as well as the steps aimed at lifting the blockade and the reactions of the international community. He emphasized regular direct contacts with the population, noting that other members of the Operational Headquarters also have such meetings to listen to the residents' problems and their reactions to the works done.

Speaking about the crisis created by the Azerbaijani blockade, the State Minister noted that despite the huge negative impact and difficulties, the crisis also forces us to learn lessons, to think not only about providing the vital needs of the population today, but also about creating opportunities for the future by building a more efficient system. In this new situation, priorities are revised. a number of sectors, such as, for example, agriculture and increasing the effectiveness of programs implemented in this sector, become one of the key directions.

Residents asked many questions, mainly related to the events around Artsakh, as well as preparations for spring planting, development of greenhouse farms.
At the same time, they emphasized that the blockade certainly creates many difficulties, but their will is unbreakable.

The State Minister thanked the population for their willingness to face the crisis and go through this difficult path together. "I get a lot of strength from these meetings every time. Every time after meetings with you, the belief and confidence that together we can do a lot and achieve a lot is strengthened more and more in me."

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