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Peaceful Demonstrations in Yerevan Continue

Demonstrations against the rise in electricity price in Yerevan continue. Guarding all night the public order on Baghramyan Avenue, the police changed their counterparts, but their number was not decreased. Meanwhile, those activists, who were previously detained were released yesterday and they joined the demonstrators. Yerevan Police demanded protesters to release the roadway before 10 am. However, the protesters refused to obey the Police. Deputy Chief of Yerevan Police Ashot Karapetyan said that they would not carry out the operation to disperse the demonstrators, because the whole action was peaceful

Participants of the action, in their turn, gave the authorities time to fulfill their requirements, namely the suspension of the actions of the two decisions of the Commission on regulation of public services, suggesting a rise in price of electricity.

It is worth noting that on Wednesday night, June 24, the atmosphere in Yerevan was generally calm. The former and current members of parliament stayed with protesters overnight on Baghramyan Avenue, as well as many intellectuals, clergymen, show business representatives, lawyers, journalists, who had made a human shield between the police and rally participants.

Chairman of the party "Free Democrats" Khachatur Kokobelyan told reporters that they were not going to interfere in the tactics of the organizers of the demonstration and came only in order to prevent violence.

Famous Armenians, not being in Armenia, also could not help commenting on what is going on in Yerevan. Famous American TV star Kim Kardashian wrote on her Facebook: "Oh, God, what's going on in Armenia ... It’s awful. My homeland is in danger…”  The vocalist of the world famous rock band System of Down Serj Tankian also expressed his concern with what is happening in Yerevan and urged the international media not to politicize the social protest of Armenian people.

The matter is that many media representatives describe the events in Yerevan as an anti-Russian campaign, which however, does not have any ground and the protests is organized by representatives of civil society and no political force, even the opposition is leading the protests. This is mostly a social protest and people demand justice.

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