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Armenia does not Lose the Opportunity of Becoming a Bridge Between Armenia and EAEU

The other day Iran exported  first agricultural good particularly tomatoes to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) market.  20 tons of tomatoes was transported to Dagestan customs office in Russia via Azerbaijan. The information naturally should become the reason of negative moods among the Armenian public if we take into consideration our expectations of Armenia becoming a transit zone between EAEU and Iran.

However, it should be noted that the transportation of the first series of the agricultural good via Azerbaijan does not yet mean the confirmation of the final route by the two reasons. First of all it is logical that Iran should try all possible routes for practical calculations. On the other hand it is not excluded that the country that just came out of the economic blockade should be prone to trying different ways of cooperating with the world not limiting its opportunities in trade.

Besides one should not forget that Armenia as a separate economy has its interests. Consequently it would be illogical to allow transportation of the Iranian tomatoes via Armenia to Russian Federation (RF) in case when Armenia exports its own tomatoes to RF.

These are the factors ignorance of which can result in confusion. When speaking about Iran-RA- EAEU circle naturally we should focus on the transit of such goods through Armenia which will not directly harm an Armenian producer.

In this sense the Iranian export goods are diversified: tea, pistachio, henna and so on that are not exported by Armenia.

Once should not also forget about the existing projects that aim at making the exports of the goods through Armenia to Russia more productive. Among such projects is the operation of Iran-Armenia railroad as well as ongoing works on North-South Road Program. Before it the route through Azerbaijan remains the shortest and consequently the cheapest way for Iran. It is on the one hand is a challenge for Armenia; the one that demands more activity and flexibility, on the other hand we should take into consideration that despite of providing the cheapest route, Azerbaijan continues to be an unpredictable partner for Iran.

If we try to sum up the above mentioned factors we should expect will and initiative from  the Armenia respective bodies for Armenia to become so much discussed transit zone for Iran. In essence we have both (will and initiatives) and we just need to quickly accomplish the above mentioned projects that will become an important condition for Armenia’s involvement in this trade corridor.

Before that all negative estimation about 20 tones of tomatoes being exported through Azerbaijan is an unnecessary haste.

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