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"In Shushi There is a Unique Energy, Power that Attracts and Does Not Let You Go…"

At the expense of the lives and blood of our brave soldiers the liberated Shushi today stands as an unassailable fortress and a generation grows there, who continue the mission of their fathers and who cannot imagine their life outside Shushi. As they note "in the town there is a unique energy, a power that attracts and does not let you go.”

"Armedia" IAA presents an exclusive interview with 20 year-old Kristina Khachatryan and 21 year-old Mariam Andreasyan to find out what is the meaning of May 9 for young Shushi residents and how they celebrate Victory day.

 - What doea Shushi liberation mean for you?

- First of all I am very proud that I am born in Shushi. I live here and hope that I will live here forever doing my best to see my town prosperous. In this town there is a unique energy, a power that attracts and does not let go. Each time I am absent from my town no later than for 3-4 days I start missing it. They always ask me: "What do you miss?" I respond: "Everything, because every corner in this town, every city is very dear to me. This is a feeling that I cannot explain.”

 I am very grateful to our soldiers, officers; I bow my head to the hero martyrs, because of their immortal job today my Shushi is liberated and we can live comfortably in Shushi stronghold.

- How do you celebrate May 9 in Shushi?

- Triple holiday in Shushi is celebrated in a very happy and interesting atmosphere. This is already the sixth year that in the morning of May 9 me and my friend go to the memorial "Tank" in Shushi to lay flowers and then walk back to the town. It has become a tradition for us. After coming back to the town we participate in all the evens organized. Everybody celebrates the holiday in a unique and interesting way.

- What will you wish to your hometown?

- First of all I wish peace and new achievements. I want to see my town in better conditions. I want it never lose its uniqueness. Let the tracks of the war disappear, let Shushi have more population. By God’s will let only "Armenian-speaking" rings ring in Ghazanchetsots Cathedral and St. Hovhannes Mkrtich Church in Shushi.


In her turn a twenty-one year resident in Shushi Mariam Andreasyan expressed her ideas about the holiday in the following short but very meaningful sentences.

- Liberation of Shushi is the start of the Armenian revival. It was strategically and psychologically important victory that helped us to believe in our strengths and found a powerful homeland. This victory helped us to restore justice and be filled with the feeling of hope towards the future. I want our city to flourish and prosper peacefully. I wish we always hear the laugh and cry of new born babies here.  


Let it be peace in our Artsakh and happy Victory Day.


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