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Applications for International youth conference "The 25th Anniversary of NKR (Artsakh) Statehood: Achievements and Modern Challenges" Are Accepted

The international youth conference "The 25th anniversary of NKR (Artsakh) statehood: achievements and modern challenges" will take place in Stepanakert on September 15 - 18, 2016, official page of Union of Young Scientists and Specialists of Artsakh informs.

Graduate students, young teachers and scientists of higher education institutions and research centers of Armenia and other countries can take part in the conference (age of participants – till 35 years old, but in exceptional cases participation of scientists elder than 35 is foreseen).

The spheres included in the conference are law, history, political science, economy and psychology.

For participation in the conference it is necessary to fill in the application form and to send it to the e-mail address [email protected] till July 15th, 2016.

Together with the application it is also necessary to send:
— Thesis of the report;
— Research supervisor’s review or scanned letter of recommendation from the head of the department (only for the participants who don't have an academic degree).

Working languages are Armenian, Russian and English.

Reports will be published in the collection of scientific works of the conference.

Requirements to typography of works:

- Article must be typed with MS Word 97-2003 program;
- Volume – 4-7 pages;
- Page format is A5 (148×210мм): margin –left – 18 mm, top – 18 mm, right – 18 mm, bottom – 16 mm.
- Font (Russian and English) – Times New Roman.

Heading should be typed in the center and top of the first page with font 12pt, capital letters, bold print (Bold). Name (names) and surname (surnames) of the author (authors) should be written under it on the right side with font 11pt. Names of higher education institution or scientific center, faculty, the status (bachelor degree, magistracy, postgraduate study) should be written under it with font 9pt and Italic. E-mail address of the author should come under it with font 9pt. Then it is necessary to present academic degree, rank, name and surname of the research supervisor (font 9pt) . Skip a line and include the main text of work. Font of the main text is 10pt, distance between lines – 1. The text must be justified on both sides of ( alignment: Justify). The paragraph should start with 1 cm TAB.
References are obligatory and should be presented in footnotes with font 8 pt and distance of lines is 1. Text of the reference must be justified on both sides of (alignment: Justify). The reference should include the author’s surname and initial letter of name of the used work ( Bold), and then – the name of work, place of edition, year, the page of the used information.
Summaries in the Russian and English languages are obligatory. After the main text article heading should come in the center , letters are capital, font 10pt, and bold print (Bold). Under it it’s necessary to present name (names) and surname (surnames) of the author (authors).. "Keywords" (4-6 keywords)are presented on the line below.. Then please present short summary of the thesis (about 60-80 words).

Transfer of Yerevan-Stepanakert-Yerevan will be organized free of charge. Participants will cover their expenses for  flights to Yerevan and for lodging.

Articles which are inappropriate to the above-mentioned requirements won't be considered.

Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference is Hаrutyunyan Avetik, PhD, the founder of Union of young scientists and specialists of Artsakh, the lecturer of department of law of Artsakh state university and University ''Mesrop Mashtots''
E-mail: [email protected].

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