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A New Start-Up in Artsakh Information Technologies Center

In Artsakh Information Technologies Center (AITC) there is already an operating information local start-up company, Artsakh Press reports. 

Artsakh IT Center continues to organize  number of courses to develop information technologies in Artsakh. Since October 3, in the newly opened "Armat" engineering laboratory of the center, there has been an engineer group.

"We should first of all lay basis for the youth companies to be founded in Artsakh for them to have their own business. If we want to make a revolution in the information sphere, we should start from schools, to stage by stage reach an acceptable level," Executive Director of the IT Center Hrachya Arzumanyan noted. 

"In front of Artsakh IT Center there is a metallic robot monument, "A Gardener with a Wheelchair," which symbolizes peaces and kindness, to show that technologies should serve for the good of people," added Head of the laboratory Albert Tsaturyan.

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