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What to Wear on the Night of New Year 2017

2017 on the Chinese calendar is the year of the Fire Rooster, and this sign dictates all adherents of the eastern calendar rules in the choice of clothes for the New Year holiday. Of course, in the Fire Rooster year red color and its shades are preferable, but on New Year's Eve you don’t have to wear a red dress. Remember that the symbol of the year is colorful, so it definitely will not be offended if you choose a different color dress, even white.

On the night of New Year it is advisable to wear light, ethereal, romantic dresses from satin, silk or velvet. Different glitter on clothes are welcome, as well as needlework with bright colors, ribbons and feathers. When choosing jewelry, it is desirable to give preference to natural stones, gold and pearls. The Rooster is not demanding makeup, hair and nail style: it is important that they comply with your New Year's image and highlight your natural beauty. It is recommended that men meet 2017 with classic suit, the preferred colors are black, dark blue.

It should be noted that the Rooster has quite different expectations for each sign of the Zodiac on New Year. So, Aries is better to refuse the presence of a deep neckline in the dress. Taurus is not afraid of any experiments, so the colors and their combination can be very courageous. When choosing jewelry, pay attention to the large ring earrings. To attract good luck Geminis need to decorate hair with barrette or satin ribbon in red shades. Complete freedom of choice have the Cancers, but particularly Rooster will appreciate the original costume outfit. Lions can relax and choose the gown they prefer. The main condition is restraint in jewelry and accessories, so as not to outshine the beauty of the Rooster. Virgos must choose bright clothes, but stick with soft make-up in soft colors. Jewelery should differ by laconicism, to emphasize the natural beauty of the earth sign. Libras can play on natural contrasts. Scorpios must create a personal highlight in the image. For Sagittarius it is recommended to meet New Year in a relaxed atmosphere, so women can safely dress in short skirts and show attractive neckline. Capricorn should focus on a beautiful manicure. Aquarians may try skirts to the floor, pantsuits and long dresses with bare shoulders. For Pisces will fit any style, but dress should be necessarily new. Take a closer look the appropriate option, you can now, and go shopping no earlier than the second half of December. This artful trick will attract success and money into a house in the coming year.

Thus, choosing your New Year's image, remember that the symbol of the year is quite lively and confident, and is waiting for you to be the same.

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