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How to Have a Stylish Beach Look in 2018? Interview with Designer

The summer vacation season is coming and you are finally going to have a rest. Have you already planned everything in advance? Do not forget about "holidays wardrobe" in the list of preparation.

In order to help you be different and stylish in the summer of 2018, "Armedia" IAA talked to the founder and designer of the GMoonWear Fashion House, Gog Moon.


- Would you, please, tell us what are the 2018 must haves for summer and the main beach trends.

- Yes, the sea time is approaching and it's high time to think about what to wear for a more stylish and comfortable beach look. Even on the beach you can be distinguished with a unique style. For several years already, preference has been given to one-color swimsuits. In 2018 we will see red, pink, purple and dark blue swimsuits. One of the main favorites of the year will be sun and sea shades.

In 2018 the most fashionable will be abstract prints, animal and flower prints, cartoon and movie characters on both swimsuits and summer clothes.

But as always, the classic style will not come out of fashion. The right combination of black and white allows you to emphasize the benefits of your body, while at the same time carefully hiding the drawbacks.


- What trends from 2017 summer have come to 2018?

- This year, we give up neon-colored swimsuits.

Retro style swimsuits are returning to fashion, with a high waist that suits both the girls with plus size and those with slim shape.


- And what about accessories?

- Of course, the most important thing to complete the look are the details and accessories.

One of the most important features of the beach look is the headgear and hat. A colorful headpiece with a swimwear or a large hat on the straw will perfectly complement your seashore look.

This year the designers of shoes give preference to different sandals in a more sporty style. The most trendy ones are "Uni" and "Roman" style sandals.

As for the bags, they should be large enough to maximize comfort.

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