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Entry of Any Famous Brand Into Armenia May Cause Global Changes

The entry of a world-famous brand into Armenia can globally change the situation. The other day, President Serzh Sargsyan received the delegation headed by the chairman of the "Philip Morris International Management SA" in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region, "Philip Morris International Duty Free" Drago Azinovich. It should be recalled that the meeting with the president was preceded by a meeting of the representatives of this company with the RA Prime Minister, immediately after which a framework agreement of understanding between the Ministry of economic development and investment and "Philip Morris International Management SA" was signed. According to the agreement, the US company will build in Armenia Research and Development centers (R & D). The world-famous American brand, which includes a number of companies (most widely known "Marlboro" cigarettes among them), emphasizes the importance of technological development and the role of human resources in the production process. During the meeting with Serzh Sargsyan, the company spokesman Drago Azinovich noted that in Armenia considerably much attention is directed towards technology and human development. It is noteworthy that the representative of the organization at the time of high-level meetings stressed the importance of creating in our country not just one but several centers, which certainly indicates that the technological potential of Armenia is in the interests of the company.

In addition, the foundation of several centers involves the creation of new jobs.

What does the interest of the world famous company in the Armenian market indicate? First, and perhaps most importantly, Armenia has its own specific place as a reliable and promising partner in information and technological spheres of the world market. Progress in cooperation with such large-scale company will create serious preconditions for Armenia to become a country exporting the latest technology in the near future.

In addition, such cooperation can serve as an effective signal in the direction of our country to other members of the international market, and the competing companies in the first place. 

And finally, perhaps behind the scenes, however, it is clear to everyone, that the effectiveness of the conditions created for foreign investment, may be measurable only in the case of their practical use in various fields. Therefore, the entry of each new company or brand in the country could become an additional guarantee of reforms in the aforementioned area.

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