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Kiev and Moscow Can Start a Dialogue on Humanitarian Issues for Now

President of Ukraine's special representative for humanitarian affairs Viktor Medvedchuk turned to President of Russia Vladimir Putin to boost the processed of captives’ exchange between Kiev and Donbas. This is an important process both in the context of the Ukrainian conflict and in general, for the resolution of the regional conflicts.

The captives’ exchange is an important point in the Minsk agreements on the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, which has not been completely implemented and has been over since 2016.

At this stage, the important thing is the return of some citizens of the non-recognized republics, about whom there is a court decision and who are in prison. Kiev does not agree to return them; in return, the two non-recognized republics do not want to return the captives, who are kept by them. The ratio of the numbers negotiated is approximately 88-300, while Kiev claims that, in reality, the number of Ukrainians is above 88 – 157.

Despite the existing contradictions, such a step by the official Kiev can, first of all, be considered as a demonstration of the political will in the context of the Minsk agreements. In spite of the extent, Kiev is ready to realize the responsibilities it has undertaken, such a step is important from the humanitarian point of view.  This can serve as a good example to make humanitarian issue higher than political interests.

Simultaneously, the important and interesting fact is that Medvedchuk turned to the Russian president, while the latter for the first time demonstrated his influence on the processes and agreed to support the process calling heads of Lugansk and Donetsk. This, of course, will raise the possibility of the resolution of the problem at the same time raising the RF’s future positive role.

Besides, this can become a precedent for the future cooperation of Kiev and Moscow as the attempt is made to separate a number political disagreements from humanitarian issues. This can later be also used for other conflicts.

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