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The Visit of the RA President to Georgia Is Important in Regard with Finding Alternatives to Lars: Narek Minasyan

"In 2011, if the agreement between Russia and Georgia is implemented, alternative corridors to Upper Lars will be established between Russia and Georgia. Certainly, other countries, including Armenia, will benefit from this," Narek Minasyan, the head of "Insight" Analytical Center said during a press conference at "Novosti-Armenia" press center. He noted that on December 19, Georgia signed an agreement with the Swiss company SGS, which should carry out the marking and monitoring of cargo transportation through commercial corridors. In order the agreement to enter into a full implementation phase, the Russian side should also sign a similar agreement with SGS.  

At the same time, the political scientist noted that the opening of alternative routes to Upper Lars does not stem from the interests of Azerbaijan, as it directly destroys the isolation policy towards Armenia. "Azerbaijan has already begun to conduct serious lobbying among the Georgian MPs. This is evidenced from the deputies' statements. From all of this we can conclude that Baku has already taken action," he said. According to Narek Minasyan, the issue of the alternative ways to Upper Lars has always been on the Armenian-Georgian agenda, and the two-day official visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Georgia is also very important in this regard.


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