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How World Leaders Celebrate New Year and Christmas

REUTERS/ Philippe Wojazer

The leaders of states always attract public attention, and Christmas and New Year are no exception. "Armedia" IAA tried to find out how the world leaders celebrate Christmas and New Year.

So, this year, for the first time as president, Christmas holidays are celebrated by the leaders of the United States and France, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron. The President of the United States decided to spend his holidays, like last year, in Florida, at the residence of Mar-A-Lago, which, by the way, is the property of Trump. The White House did not disclose details of the president's plans for vacation, but earlier the first lady Melanie Trump said that the first family of the US traditionally dines together on Christmas Eve and takes part in the church service.

Details of the Christmas plans of the President of France are also unknown. After returning from Nigeria, the president's schedule is now free. Macron demanded that members of the government "choose a place of rest in accordance with ministerial functions," not to go abroad and away from the capital. He himself met Christmas in Touquet commune in the north of France.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel usually celebrates her vacation with her husband Joachim Sauer in the Swiss Engadine region. As for the Christmas dinner, then, judging by the holiday purchases of the Chancellor for many years, we can assume that this year also the festive dinner will be a very modest one. According to the German media, Merkel loves dishes made of green cabbage, spaghetti bolognese, soups, coffee.

Premier Minister of Great Britain Theresa May has a long tradition in the celebration of Christmas and New Year: on Christmas morning she goes to church, then meets with friends. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom prepares the Christmas dinner herself.

It should be noted that the royal family of Great Britain also celebrates Christmas rather modestly. Only 25 adults can take part in the festive dinner, so only family members are invited, although this year an exception was made, and the bride of Prince Harry, actress Megan Markle, was also invited to a Christmas dinner. In the royal family it is customary for invited guests to bring something to a common table.

Russian President Vladimir Putin usually meets the New Year with his family and friends. Although the Russian president continues to work on New Year's holidays, he usually finds time to practice his favorite sports these days, Russian media writes.

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