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How Spring Affects Our Mood? An Interview with a Psychologist

It is spring... It has brought smile, love and affection. Spring is love. Spring is one of the weathers that makes every person discover the wonders and beauty of nature.

However, the arrival of spring also brings with it mood changes, physical weakness and anxiety. What are the reasons for all this? Psychologist Elpida Babayan gave answers to these and other questions in an interview with "Armedia" IAA.


Mrs. Babayan, does spring affect people’s mood and spirit?

- First of all, I would like to congratulate your readers' on the coming of spring, let it bring beautiful emotions and moments. The long-awaited spring undoubtedly affects our mood, mentality, and physical well-being. Along with the awakening of nature, it seems as though people wake up and become alive, but together with it brings a feeling of weakness and tiredness. It is a regular response to our body after a long winter, and despite this, spring does not leave our body without any adventure, taking us from one extreme situation to another. After a severe depression, a sense of euphoria may emerge at once, and it seems to us that we love everyone and everything. Many experts claim that seasonal depression is just a fictional phenomenon, but in our daily lives, we face this reality in some way. There is a sense of anxiety, nervous irritability, low self-esteem, declining ability, chronic fatigue.

These are quite natural phenomena, given that we have spent all our vitamin resources in winter. Additionally, the rising temperature and prolonged day affect our biological rhythms and hormonal system, especially sexual hormones that are activated, causing a distinct desire to reproduce. That is why spring is considered a period of crazy actions and active contacts.

So prepare for spring-hormonal shocks without losing the sense of humor, keep in mind the clear realization that every shift is a joke of nature, which, by the way, is not eternal.


What would you advice to our readers concerning such changes?

- As advice, I can say the following: often go outdoors: clean air is the most favorable thing in this area, especially in the bright hours of the day. Add the physical burden - the best option is to walk. Surround yourself with bright colors, cheerful people, try to notice every spice and flower.


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