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Right Food For Spring: Interview With Nutritionist Lidia Ayvazyan (EXCLUSIVE)

What are the right things to eat in spring? ”Armedia” IAA talked to nutritionist Lidia Ayvazyan.

- How does spring impact a human body?

- In general, sudden changes in weather impact human health and the way they feel.

Spring often follows a “vitaminless” winter. Consequently spring is the time of vitamin lack in the body. This is a good period to eat fresh, seasonal vegetables, to regain the “reserves” wasted in winter.

- What diet to you recommend for this time of the year?

- I recommend finding all the nutritious herbs of the season and eating them both fresh and fried or in soups.

Walks on sunny days, particularly in the morning before 12 is recommended, as in winter we have vitamin D deficiency which accounts for the sun as its main source.

Vitamin D is needed for the organism’s metabolism and vital activity. If deficient both children and adult organisms, particularly female, poorly absorbs calcium and phosphorus from food that leads to softening of bones. This in turn leads to rickets among children and  bone softening among adults, particularly women increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

- What should be refrained from?

- Regardless of weather, processed food, sugar and high amounts of salt and fats should be refrained from. 

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