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Suren Arustamyan Rocked the Stage in California

On March 30, Armenian singer Suren Arustamyan with his Band rocked the Stage in Burbank, CA.









Here is Arustamyan with band members ( from left Matthew Lechevalier (drums), Brian Hargrove (keys), Arustamyan (Guitar, vocals), Jaylon King (base)).







Suren Arustamyan at the Stage With legendary back vocalist Sharlotte Gibson.        


Suren and Sharlotte met at Eric Clapton’s concert, where Sharlotte was backing the amazing guitarist.This is Arustamyan’s first project with Sharlotte and has plans for future recordings and upcoming National concerts.

“He is great and different, it’s a mixture of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Johnny Lang

He is incredibly in tune with his instrument and very very educated in his music, he is a musical guy," Sharlotte Gibson said.






Ani Avetyan, Arustamyan’s Producer in her tern said that It is always mesmerizing to see Suren’s force of nature on stage.

"His program doesn’t stop surprising me every time, with its richness and harmonies that are so creative and powerful,” she said.


It is important to mention that this is not Arustamyan’s first cooperation with such famous musicians. In 2010 Arustamyan was invited by Ian Gullan to play with Legendary Rock Band Deep Purple, later that year Arustamyan was invited to record a song with them. Arustamyan and the band still have a great relationship together.




The next cooperation with all Grammy Winners  Herman Jackson, Alex Al, Teddy Campbell  was during the framework of the song recording “Oh My Lord.” 






Right now Arustamyan is working with lyricist Darren Long from London.


According to Ani Avetyan, there are rumors  that  Arustamyan will be meeting Eric Clapton in New York this year. Whether they will play together or not, we can learn from  Arustamyan's media pages.



Arustamyan does not stop fascinating his fans during his concerts, this Armenian guitar genius seems to have it all, incredible sexy voice, powerful guitar skills and a charm that is so captivating, but most of all it’s his humble self that keeps him so grounded on stage even when his audience is flying during his creations,” Ani Avetyan said. 


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